August News Letter

July 29, 2016

Owe'neh Bupingeh Restoration Project
As mentioned in the last newsletter OOHA is currently fundraising to support the next phase of rehabilitation. There won’t be any further construction until enough funding is raised to continue the project.
As part of fundraising OOHA has partnered up with the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority. The following is being offered to those that would like to make a contribution to the Owe’neh Bupingeh Rehabilitation Project.
If you owe a state tax liability to the State of New Mexico and you donate $200 or more to the project you will receive a 50% tax credit on your donation. This giving you an added benefit while supporting the Pueblo project. If you donate to the project, you will be recognized at award levels symbolic of our Tribal treasures. They are the following:
Turtle Shell: $50-$249
Evergreens: $250-$999
Eagle Feather: $1,000-$9,999
Donations of any amount can also be made at anytime through our website, mail, or walk-in. There will also be some events coming up for the project and everyone is welcome. We will advertise when they take place.
If you have any questions about the project or donations, please contact Jodie Martinez at the Housing Authority.

Are You Ready To Own Your Own Home?

If you are looking for a home to own, the Housing Authority might have what you are looking for. OOHA currently has a two bedroom, one bath home for a family. It has been completely renovated and is move-in ready. It is located by the Tsigo Bugeh Village Apartments.
If you are interested, please contact Tania Montoya or Tomasita Duran at the Housing Authority.

Oyee Pin Estates

OOHA is still accepting applications for Oyee Pin Estates, which is the new development project. Sixteen lots have been fully developed with infrastructure. The lots are located behind the old OOHA office and right off of Sage Street.
Families will have to qualify for a mortgage for their homes to be developed or delivered. After filling out the application the applicant will go through a pre-qualification process. If the applicant isn’t ready for the mortgage, OOHA will help counsel and guide the family to help get them qualified for their mortgage. That process may include credit counseling and financial strategies. Once the applicant is qualified, they will get to select what lot they would like their home to be built or placed on. All lots are 100x100. Families will have the choice between modular homes and stick build homes.
If you are interested in applying for Oyee Pin or have any questions regarding the project, please contact Tomasita Duran or Tania Montoya at the Housing Authority

Mold Rehab

As mentioned in the last newsletter OOHA was awarded the 2015 ICDBG Mold Grant. The funding will be used to remedy issues with mold in the homes in Ohkay Owingeh.
If you have mold in your home, please come to the Housing Authority and pick up an application to receive assistance. There is limited funding available for ALL income levels. It is a first come, first serve basis, so please make sure you submit all required information with your application. The OOHA Board has also decided that this rehab will be free for families (no cost share). We would like to express to all families that mold is a very serious health issue. Mold could potentially cause health issues for all those living in a home with mold, so please fill out an application if there is mold in your home.
OOHA is no longer accepting applications for the cost share rehab project. The funding is coming to an end. For now all rehab done on homes will have to be mold related. We are unsure when more rehab funding will be received; however, when and if funding is granted to support another rehab project we will let you know.
If you have any questions, please contact the Housing Authority.


The OOHA Board and staff would like to welcome Julia Honaberger to the Board. There are many great things to come. They would also like to thank Rose Marquez for her time and support she gave during her served terms on the Board. We wish her well in her future endeavors.

JL Gray Management

OOHA would like to let the Ohkay Owingeh Community know that we have hired JL Gray Property Management to take over the property management and compliance at Tsigo Bugeh Village.
The OOHA Board will still oversee the company, but JL Gray will be running the day to day operations, as well as any issues concerning the premises. Rental applications and emergency housing application can be picked up at the Tsigo Bugeh office. If any have any questions or concerns, please contact Site Manager, Cindy Pacheco at 505.753.9419.