New Mexico Affordable Housing Tax Credits

May 12, 2017

Do you owe a liability to the state of New Mexico? Do you need to donate, but don’t know where to apply it? The Ohkay Owingeh Housing Authority has been awarded affordable housing tax credits through the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority. Donations over $200 can receive a 50% tax credit, which can be used towards a liability you may owe to the State of New Mexico. The tax credit is good up to five (5) years and you can also sell it if you don’t need it. The donations will go towards the Owe’neh Bupingeh Rehabilitation Project, which is rehabilitating and preserving the historic Pueblo in Ohkay Owingeh. The project has been ongoing for the last 12 years, and 34 homes have been rehabilitated so far. Through this project we have been able to provide job training to the youth, and have created an economic boost for the Ohkay Owingeh community. The health and safety of the families has been of upmost importance, and many issues were addressed while maintaining a green build in all the homes that have been rehabilitated. In addition, an education component lies within the project. Many architectural students have studied the project and have gained knowledge from the processes used, including historic preservation requirements that were altered to fit the life style of Pueblo people. Most importantly, the sustainability of the Ohkay Owingeh culture. It was vital for all involved parties to know that the Ohkay Owingeh culture wouldn’t be altered in any way. This project has helped revitalize the people and value system which was diminishing in a way. Your support would help further the progress of the project. There are 15 homes left to rehabilitate, and you can help make that happen.

If you would like to donate please visit our website at If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Leslie Colley at 505.852.0189, ext. 149.