New Development Services

Oyee Pin Estates


  • Enrolled Tribal Member

  • Qualify for a mortgage through a bank

  • Pass department check list (you can’t owe any debts to the Tribe)


  • Fill out application and submit it with the requested items to the OOHA office

  • OOHA will perform preapproval (pull credit)

  • Action plan is established if applicant is not ready

  • Monitor action plan until applicant is qualified

Oyee Pin Estates

Oyee Pin Estates is a new subdivision that is being developed adjacent to the existing subdivision on Yucca and Sage street. There will be 16 homes developed on lots approximately 100’x100′.

This project will be geared to those families who qualify for a mortgage to purchase the homes from OOHA. We have two years to get you qualified, so let’s get started.

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